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EECS 16B Spring 2020

This page will house the notes I used for my online discussion sections for the Spring 2020 offering of EECS 16B. There aren't too many because I started making them when we went online halfway through the semester.

Week Date Section Topics Links
8 W 3/11 8B Controllability Notes
9 M 3/16 9A System ID and Feedback Notes
W 3/18 9B SVD Notes
10 M 3/23 10A Spring Break
W 3/25 10B Spring Break
11 M 3/30 11A SVD and Spectral Theorem Notes
W 4/1 11B PCA
12 M 4/6 12A Gram-Schmidt Notes
W 4/8 12B MT 2 Review
13 M 4/13 13A Stability Notes
W 4/15 13B Feedback Notes
14 M 4/20 14A Controller Canonical Form Notes
W 4/22 14B Final Review (Circuits)
15 M 4/27 15A Final Review (Misc)
W 4/29 15B No Discussion
16 M 5/4 16A Final A Review/Walkthrough
W 5/6 16B No Discussion